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  • The Art of the VSL
  • Details on 15+ Types of Videos
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Narrative Strategy - What is it?

Stories are powerful because they are how we understand and explain our world. But what is a narrative, and why is the creation of narrative strategy important? A narrative can be anything from an anecdote to a work of fiction. A story that you tell someone else in order to make sense of something. It’s also the reason for many people’s favorite movies, books, and songs. We love stories because they help us understand the world around us in a way that is digestible and often entertaining.

When it comes to business strategy, creating a narrative is important because it allows you to connect with your audience on an emotional level. It helps them understand why your company or product exists, and how it can benefit them. A well-crafted narrative can also make complex topics more relatable and easier to understand.

A story is simply a tale, often with a moral or lesson to be learned. It can be something that actually happened, or it can be entirely fictional. What makes a story so powerful is the way it connects with us emotionally.

The key to telling a truly impactful story, to connecting with your customers, employees, and partners is Narrative Strategy.

What is Narrative Strategy?


Find out what Narrative Strategy is.

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John Woosley is an award winning filmmaker and founder of Storyboard Management Consulting.

John has a life long passion for client service and filmmaking, and helping businesses learn how to grow their revenue through storytelling. Prior to Storyboard, John spent a majority of his career at Deloitte, the #1 professional service firm, and can count United Airlines, Kone Elevator, Papa Johns, Carters, Wesco Aviation, and Bluebird Bio as some of his past clients. He’s passionate about helping businesses embrace video to attract, convert, and retain their customers. John lives with his wife Kaitlin and two sons, Jack and Graham, in Kansas City.

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