You’re only one video away!

Yes, that is a play on Russell Brunson’s “you’re only one funnel away,” but its true it only takes one great piece of content to skyrocket your business. The key is starting with a solid strategy! All of our plans include our signature Narrative Strategy design to help you determine the best content to produce to achieve your goals and objectives.

We make it easy for your to connect with your customers through video

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Strategy Sprint

Do you need to quickly assess your business and create a narrative strategy framework? The strategy sprint can help! We work with your business, customers, and employees to define what your business is trying to achieve, who can help you achieve it, and how you will convince them using video.

The strategy sprint is an end to end assessment of your current state, desired future state, and what you need to do to close any gaps. We create a full strategy document including charters for the key pieces of video content that need to be created.

Our Signature Narrative Strategy Design Includes:

  • Interviews and Workshops to understand the organization, its goals, and employees
  • Analysis of existing supporting data including client testimonials, agreements, business plan etc
  • Identification and creation of key messages
  • Workshops with key clients to understand current and future state of the business
  • Identification of current and future state platforms to distribute video content
  • Creation of StoryMap
  • Creation of up to 5 content charters for creation of new content
  • Delivery and presentation of strategy documentation

+ Done With You

In addition to creating a full Narrative Strategy, we will work with you to develop content charters into videos that will help you acquire, convert, and retain your customers.

  • Narrative Strategy Design
  • Up to 10 Project Charters
  • Feedback, guidance, and coaching during content development led by your organization
  • Script writing
  • Production management
  • Post production

+ Done For You

You have a business to run, and may not have time to focus on creating video content to implement your strategy. We will project manage your team, a vendor, or create content ourselves to help you implement and measure your strategy.

  • Narrative Strategy Design
  • Up to 10 Project Charters
  • Scriptwriting
  • Production Management
  • Post production

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