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"John…. THIS IS AMAZING!  This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for.  Thank you so much for taking the feedback and really listening to me.  There is so much value in getting this documented foundation and baseline as I build this company"

- Julie Huffman, CEO/Founder Career Innovator

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Define Your Story

We use our proprietary Narrative Strategy framework to help you define:

  • What your business is trying to achieve
  • Who can help you achieve it
  • How you will persuade them (through video!)

Create Content

Once you have a strategy in place to help you achieve your goals and maximize revenue it’s time for the fun part- content creation! We offer multiple models to help you achieve this.

Measure Success

We can help guide you on analytics, or even overlay our own analytics platform to help you know what content is helping you achieve your goals and drive revenue.


The Ultimate Guide To Using Video To Grow Your Business

Looking to use video to connect with customers and drive results? Look no further than Video Secrets. This one-of-a-kind book from award winning filmmaker and Storyboard founder John Woosley lays out a blueprint for using video to attract, retain, and grow customers like never before. Packed with practical tips and real-world examples, this essential guide gives you the tools you need to harness the power of video and reach new heights in your business. So what are you waiting for? Make your move and pick up a copy of Video Secrets today!

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